Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pictures of our new storefront!!!! Eclectique - Green Boutique & Book Exchange

The entry & side view of our new building. With a new paint color, some creative signage & outside decor. I am sure that this store will be a shining beacon in our small town.
Thank you to our gracious landlords for being so helpful & accommodating in this process. Stay tuned for pictures & details of the inside & all of its fun projects. 52 days & counting!

Monday, September 28, 2009

We've actually done it!

Well we've actually done it! On Friday Amy and I signed a lease on a storefront in Plano. We will be opening a green boutique and book exchange. Everything in the store will be either previously owned, made of recycled materials, hand made locally or used for an ecologically friendly purpose!

Our goal is to be open for the holiday season. At the latest November 20th. So not to be too much like Julia (for those who saw the film) but I've started a count down to opening of 54 days! As you will soon see in pictures, we have ALOT of work to do. So can 2 sisters, who between us have 6 children, a puppy, a hungry husband, a part time job, and a online business do it? We'll keep you posted!