Monday, October 5, 2009

Love the fall

The last couple of days have reminded me how much I love the fall. The smells, the trees... the mix of warm and cold in the same day. In honor of the start of this new season, yesterday, we decided to head out a couple of towns over to their Scarecrow Festival. Although we had never been, the front page of our local newspaper featured an article about it. (news is a bit slow in our neck of the woods) There were corn mazes and taffy apples; Kettle corn and stilt walking; Bean bag tosses and sling shot shooting. Horse pull rides and tractors; Pumpkins and apples; Bonfire and fiddle players! During this particular weekend, there were also 20+ crafters and vendors. Many of them are making their items out of recycled materials and all were from our local area. I decided that of course I must mix business with pleasure and see if there were any items that we may want to feature in our store. My favorite was an older couple who weave rag rugs made from used jeans and coveralls, but several others caught my eye as well. We will be looking for people whose products really match our vision for the store, so if you know anyone, send them our way.

We have finally made it back into the store to take measurements and determine the amount of lumber, paint etc that is needed. So Amy and I, next week will tear the place up, so that her hubby Dustin can start work putting it back together this weekend. Down to 47 days and we're finally going to start building some bookcases. (Thank goodness! I'm ready to get all these books out of my house!)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Shopping for Eclectique

So, if you've ever experience the madness, at the stores 6 am the day after Thanksgiving, that's a little what we go through most weekends. Standing in a line rain or shine, for sometimes up to an hour. The line slowly pushes it's way up to the door, of whatever sale we may be at, so that everyone can stake out which direction they are going to go. Inevitably there is talk of previous sales, amongst the regulars, in this group; Several have their coffee in hand, to give them the jolt of adrenaline they will need. Watches and cell phones are looked at many times. The time is announced in intervals. There is complaining and crying from the children that are there, including my own... Then we see the shadow of the person, who has been sent to open doors, and from there.... (someone once said to me "are you ready to storm the castle?") The rush begins.... Everyone is running and pushing and grabbing what they think they may want.

For me it's all a bit overwhelming. Although I've gotten pretty good a spotting the books that I know people want, quickly, everything else is a blur to me. Amy, thank goodness however has an amazing ability, to spot something from 100 yards away, underneath 6 other items, under a table, shoved in a spot you would never expect it. And it turns out to be a beautiful treasure, or something she can rework into something straight out of "Martha Stewart" She is the reason the store will be beautiful.

So our schedule for this weekend???
Thursday night Sale at 6 pm, (we were there at 5 in the rain.
Friday morning sale at 9 am
Saturday sale at 9 am

50 days to go we've barely stepped foot in the store. Uh Oh!